A Not-for-Profit corporation is subject to specific rules pertaining to the type of report it is required to obtain for its financial statements. These reports vary with respect to the level of assurance that is obtained with each: from no assurance being obtained in a Compilation or Notice to Reader report, limited assurance being obtained in a Review Engagement Report, and reasonable assurance in an Audit Engagement Report.

To determine the type of report your Not-For-Profit corporation is required to obtain, you need three pieces of information: which Act it was incorporated under, the amount of public funds it receives, and its annual revenues.


The act under which your Not-For-Profit corporation was incorporated (federal or provincially) will determine the rules it must follow. This article only focuses on federal and Ontario corporations. Both acts, the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act (CNCA) at the federal level and the Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act (ONCA) at the provincial level, contain specific requirements which mandate the level of assurance (if any) a Not-for-Profit corporation is required to obtain on its financial statements.

It should be noted that the ONCA is not yet fully enacted and accordingly, the rules described herein are based on the current wording of the legislation.

These rules will help a Not-for-Profit corporation determine the type of report their Public Accountant should be engaged to produce.



Corporations receiving public funds should be held to a higher standard than those that do not receive public funds. Under this guiding principle, both Acts impose additional requirements on corporations receiving public funds to ensure sufficient transparency and accountability for that income. Each Act has slightly different terminology and definitions to designate the receipt of public funds – the CNCA uses the term ‘soliciting corporation’ and the ONCA uses the term ‘public benefit corporation’.

CNCA – Soliciting Corporation

A corporation is considered soliciting when it has received more than $10,000 in income from public sources in a single financial year. Public sources include:

  • gifts or donations from non-members;
  • grants or similar financial assistance from the government (federal, provincial, or municipal) or an agency of such government;
  • funds from another corporation that also received income from public sources.

A corporation is non-soliciting if it has received no public funds or less than $10,000 in public funds in each of its three previous financial years.

ONCA – Public Benefit Corporation

A corporation is considered a public benefit corporation when it is:

  • a charitable corporation; or
  • receives greater than $10,000 in a financial year either in the form of:
    • donations or gifts from persons who are not members, directors, officers or employees of the corporation;
    • grants or similar financial assistance from the government (federal, provincial, or municipal) or an agency of any such government.
  • funds from another corporation that also received income from public sources.



The larger the size of your corporation, measured in terms of revenue, the higher the standard of accountability required. For example, the CNCA mandates all soliciting corporations with revenues over $250,000 and all non-soliciting corporations with revenues over $1M to have an audit. Similarly, the ONCA mandates all public benefit corporations with revenues over $500K to have an audit.



The tables below summarize the requirements under each Act. Where an organization wishes to deviate from the ‘default’ stipulated by each Act and the Act allows it to do so, special resolutions, as defined in each Act, are also required.




This article provides guidance of a general nature only and is not to be used as a substitute for professional advice. For specific advice pertaining to your Not-for-Profit corporation, you are advised to consult with your lawyer.

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