Companies rely on secure, safe, and robust information technology solutions in order to keep business running smoothly. As more and more correspondence is done via email, email security is a major security control point for companies and one that should not be overlooked. This month’s Kurve is brought to you by our friendly neighbourhood IT service provider, Jamie Larabie of Lara-Tech IT Solutions, who discusses email security – the types of email attacks, what to do if your email is targeted, and protection options.

Email Security

Email security refers to the methods used to secure the access and content of an email account or service. There are a number of ways an organization can reduce the possible risks associated with the relentless attacks from hackers/spammers. It is very important to remember that hackers can take control of almost any device used to access emails and websites, PCs, smart phones, tablets and other devices. The attacks range from spoofing email addresses, infected attachments and re-directed links to fake websites.


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