‘Tis the Season of Gitfing

You’ve done well for yourself. You’ve worked hard and accumulated wealth – maybe more wealth than you need in your lifetime. At this time in your life, and particularly at this time of year, thoughts turn to giving, to how you can help others, and perhaps make a difference. You may wish to ensure the fruits of your life’s labour, after first taking care of your own personal needs and wants, are put to their best use, towards bettering the lives of your family, friends, and your community.

Giving While Living

Many people wait until their death to transfer wealth over to their desired beneficiaries, through wills that leave their legacy to friends, relatives, or charities. No doubt, good estate planning takes proper care of the distribution of your assets upon death. But what is often overlooked is the opportunity to give assets away prior to death. The distribution of assets while living may offer personal, tax, and other benefits.

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