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27 Feb: Email Security

Companies rely on secure technology solutions to keep business running smoothly. Email security is a major security control point for companies, and one that should not be overlooked. This month’s Kurve is brought to you by Jamie Larabie of Lara-Tech IT Solutions, who discusses some important points regarding email security.

18 Dec: ‘Tis the Season of Gifting

You’ve worked hard to accumulate your wealth – you may wish to ensure the fruits of your labour, after taking care of your own needs and wants, are put to their best use, towards bettering the lives of your family, friends, and your community. This article provides useful tax considerations in relation to giving.


22 Nov: Breaking News

We have recently seen significant announcements affecting Canadian businesses and taxpayers. A summary of new measures announced by both the federal government and the Ontario government are included in this special bulletin.