Logan Katz LLP strives to provide our clients and colleagues with up-to-date information, as well as information on our services, through a variety of publications. These publications are designed to support your professional and personal financial and related interests. Some documents on this page are PDF files and require Acrobat Reader for viewing.

Five Steps to Simplifying Financial Statements — Today

This publication sets out a principled five-step approach to simplifying financial statements by reducing disclosure overload and streamlining disclosure while achieving both more effective communication and full compliance with the intent of disclosure requirements.
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Reading Financial Documents

The Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada) has devel- oped this publication to help explain some of the fundamental concepts, conventions and principles underlying financial statements.
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Starting Your Own Business?
The Canada Revenue Agency provides a Checklist for Small Businesses to help you understand each stage of your business cycle. Find out more at     http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/tx/bsnss/sm/chcklst-eng.html.

The Executor’s Checklist
What to do in the Event of a Death? Surviving Person’s/Executor’s ChecklistThe following is meant to aid in the event of the passing of a spouse, family member or friend and outlines the general steps a surviving individual or executor can use to ensure final wishes are met. (English version available only).
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The Person1al Tax Planner GuideIf you are a Canadian resident who earns income, you must file a tax return. The actual filing of your return is a one-time annual event; however, the outcome of your return i.e. your tax liability, is something that you need to consider year-round. Throughout the year, take the time to consider the tax implications of your decisions involving your family, finances and property. This planning strategy could help you reduce your tax liability when you prepare your return. The Personal Tax Planner Guide can help you get started. ~ Complimentary! 2The Family Trust GuideFinancial security is a common goal of Canadian families in every walk of life. But to achieve this goal, where do you begin? The first step is to acquire the knowledge you need for developing a viable plan. The Family Trust Guide is designed to introduce you to an important vehicle that can help you achieve your financial goals in both tax and estate planning. ~ Complimentary!
Succession Planning Toolkit for Business OwnersSuccession planning is the process of exploring your options so you can protect the value of your hard-earned business investment and choose the right exit strategy that makes sense for you, your business and your family. Whether you want to keep the business in the family or harvest the proceeds and move on, succession is a process that requires thought, planning and time to arrange and implement.Succession Planning Toolkit for Business Ownerswill give you the information and tools you need to help put your succession plans into action. ~ $30.00 CAD The Estate Planning Toolkit for Business OwnersEstate planning is an inclusive term for creating, managing, preserving and passing on wealth. An estate plan incorporates financial, tax and succession planning, along with risk management and personal protections. It is a living, documented road map, one which must invariably change over the business owner’s stages in life. The Estate Planning Toolkit for Business Owners will give you the information and tools you need to help put your estate plans into action. ~ $30.00 CAD
Cash Management Toolkit for Small & Medium BusinessesAs an owner-manager, you know that cash on hand and access to cash when you need it are vital to the success and survival of your business. The Cash Management Toolkit for Small & Medium Businesses guides business owners step-by-step through the entire cash management process, including funds coming in, funds going out, and the planning, control and measurement of the funds themselves.
~ $30.00 CAD
3The Personal Automobile LogIt is important to keep complete and proper records for business use of your vehicle. The Personal Automobile Log is designed to help you keep detailed records of your automobile use and expenses, in order to maximize the allowable deductions claimable on your personal income tax return.  This pocket-sized booklet lets you keep track of important details, such as kilometers driven for business purposes, fuel and other recurring expenses, maintenance and repairs, leasing and other financing costs, and annual expenses. ~Complimentary!
My Life LockerWe all want to be better organized, but many of us lack the time and/or the system to make it happen. We become stressed and frustrated with the time it takes to look for that vital piece of missing information. My Life Locker is the perfect solution in two fundamental ways: first, it keeps all those important-to-you details in one central place; second, it gives you incredible peace-of-mind knowing that those details can be easily retrieved—whether it’s by you today or tomorrow, or by someone close to you at some point in the future. My Life Locker is an extremely practical and invaluable tool to hold all the important details of your life. Available directly from the author, Sandra Tisiot, at www.mylifelocker.com

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