There was a time when international business activities were limited to multinational corporations. Now, with movement of goods, services and people across the globe being increasingly simple and common, small and medium-sized enterprises have become extremely active in foreign markets.

Not only are foreign activities, transactions, and operations becoming more and more a reality of business for our small business clients, but there are also many foreign corporations who are interested in the unique Canadian marketplace.membership

Our affiliation with « AGN International» a worldwide association of separate and independent accounting and consulting firms—allows us to tap into the expertise and knowledge of a network of about 8,800 professional accountants in 195 independent firms operating in 89 countries.

With a quick call or email, we can provide you with information about the implications of dealing in a foreign jurisdiction. We can also directly arrange relationships between you and professional accountants and tax experts abroad.

Moreover, when foreign corporations wish to set up establishments in Canada, we can assist them in setting up a corporate entity, ensure compliance with Canadian tax authorities, and work with their local professional advisers to ensure a smooth implementation in Canada.

Before entering into foreign business arrangements, give us a call to ensure you’ve considered all implications to you and your company.