Years ago, companies set up their operations so sales and other functions involving direct contact with customers occupied the front offices. “Behind the scenes” functions like product development, administration and accounting services were carried out in the back offices.

With Logan Katz, you don’t need to have a back office with its overhead and other costs to be sure your accounting and financial management responsibilities are effectively managed and fulfilled.

Start-ups. Small businesses. Not-for-profit organizations. International companies. Whatever type of entity you run, our full-service team can help you with any and all your bookkeeping and financial reporting needs. Our full-service offerings also include controllership functions. Below is a sample by broad category of the services we deliver and manage.


  • Set-up of/transition to accounting software
  • Regular monthly bookkeeping on accounting software, including:
    • Entry of vendor invoices, accounts payable tracking, and preparation of cheques for payment
    • Entry of customer invoices, accounts receivable tracking and cash receipts
    • Performance of monthly bank reconciliations
    • Posting and reconciliation of credit cards
    • Posting and reconciliation of expense reports
    • Amortization of capital assets
  • Payroll services, such as:
    • Processing of payroll and payments
    • Preparation and filing of all required monthly and annual payroll documents to the Canada Revenue Agency
    • Filing of T4 summaries and slips and preparation of Records of Employment
    • Computation, preparation, and filing of sales taxes, and, if applicable, other commodity taxes

Financial Reporting

  • Provision of monthly financial statements (g. income statement, balance sheet, and other reports) with commentary on variances and other significant matters
  • Preparation of a monthly/quarterly board reporting package
  • Discussion and setup of proper reporting format
  • Regular update meetings (monthly/biweekly) on issues, challenges and successes
  • Preparation of budgets and cash flow forecasts/projections
  • Support in preparing working papers required for year-end audit or review engagement

Logan Katz professionals appreciate the many reasons our clients engage us to deliver back-office support and interim controllership. We tailor and carry out our services to meet your particular operational requirements and help you succeed. In return for your trust in us, you gain cost and time efficiencies – as well as peace of mind from knowing your business and operational interests are in reliable hands.