“Great people serving great clients.” This has been our slogan for several years. It is a simple statement, but it conveys a great deal – beginning with the importance for employers to have a team of professionals with abilities, approaches and personalities they can count on and that fit well within their organization and vision for the future.

When you turn to us for assistance in defining your human resource needs and searching for candidates, you can be certain of our commitment to your interests. Our client recruiting team possesses professional designation in recruiting (RPR) and is adept at identifying excellent qualifications and suitability.

We are always pleased and ready to help with any and all steps toward the perfect ‘hire’, including:

  • Creating advertisements.
  • Circulating and posting advertisements to reach primary markets.
  • Screening applications.
  • Setting up and participating in interviews.
  • Providing guidance in the final hiring process.

If you are looking for recruiting assistance for accounting and other related positions, contact Logan Katz. It matters to us that your team is as great as the aspirations you have for your business.