About Our Firm

Logan Katz is a partnership of five Chartered Professional Accountants. Along with the partners, every Logan Katz manager and staff member understands and is mindful of the responsibilities associated with being an integral financial and advisory resource for those we serve.

In 2014, we marked our 20th anniversary in operation. We reached this milestone by continually growing and adapting to meet the ever-evolving needs of our clientele. We will continue to do so.

All of us at Logan Katz can easily sum up in just six words the ingredients that enhance and characterize our services for the benefit of clients:

Solutions Oriented · Global Minded · Value Driven

Firm Mission

Logan Katz strives to be the best full-service firm of Chartered Professional Accountants for our entire clientele.

We fulfill our responsibilities with skill and knowledge, as well as dedication, courtesy and consideration for our clients’ most important financial and personal interests. This is why we develop strong and lasting relationships with those we serve.

Our distinct approach also creates an enjoyable, challenging and collegial work environment.

We are proud of our record in recruiting and retaining an excellent, dedicated team of professionals.

Our Values

By engaging Logan Katz, you are entrusting us as professionals who will handle any situation or problem with respect, knowledge and a positive, solutions-oriented approach.

The best knowledge is knowledge that is current, documented and confirmed. We have a responsibility to ensure our knowledge takes into account pertinent events occurring locally and throughout the world. In this age of information and global inter-connectivity, we are fortunate to have access to knowledge that enhances the capacity of Logan Katz and our profession to function to the highest standards.


As for knowledge and insight about our clients’ interests, listening and asking the right questions are critical to success. At Logan Katz, we sincerely want to know who you are. With us, you matter. With us, meeting your needs is a certainty. Surpassing them is a goal. The better we know you, the more attentive we can be to opportunities and options that could improve your situation.

We appreciate that your relationship with us matters too, which is why we place strong emphasis on service team continuity on engagements. We also respond to all client requests in a professional, thorough and timely fashion. Our client-service policies are based on years of accumulated knowledge of and respect for what clients – you – are looking for and should receive.

 Global Affiliation—AGN International

In 2002, Logan Katz became an affiliate of AGN International, a worldwide association of separate and independent accounting and consulting firms.

AGN International is unparalleled for expertise, professional experience and business knowledge. It is from outstanding resources available through the association that Logan Katz acquires the best, most current information to assist you with your business decisions.

The more successful you are, the more complicated your decisions can become. Our focus is aimed at providing you with the best information and technical expertise. Through our affiliation with AGN International, we collaborate with the foremost authorities in taxation, auditing and business management across the globe. This enables us to provide you with expertise in an array of industries worldwide. Because member firms invest in state-of-the-art training, industry expertise enhancement and quality control, we are also able to offer you unlimited opportunities for business solutions at a reasonable cost.