Welcome to the Logan Katz Hatchery!

Do you have an idea brewing? Are you dying to start a business? Do you feel the entrepreneurial spirit in your gut? Do you feel that you can offer something unique to the marketplace? Have you been sitting on your idea for way too long and it just won’t hatch? Well, come on over to the Hatchery and let’s crack this egg together!

The Hatchery is designed to nurture, guide, and support the growth of your little idea into a booming business! The Hatchery will provide you with the tools and resources you need to make your idea a business reality, and ultimately, a business success story. With our expert guidance, we can help you kick start your idea and get your new venture up and running. We will walk beside you through the stages of your business development cycle and help you gain the confidence you need to prosper in the business world. And as your business grows, we will celebrate your successes with you and guide you through the obstacles. We will be there with you through all your ‘firsts’ – your first customer, your first export, your first employee! Like a good grandparent, we will share our wisdom with you without interfering in your vision.

At the Hatchery, you will be provided with your very own resource nest in which to develop and grow your idea. Your nest will contain:

  • Up to one hour free consultation with a Logan Katz partner or manager
  • Up to two hours free bookkeeping training
  • $500 off our first year statutory reporting package
  • Up to five hours free usage of our state of the art meeting rooms, with complimentary coffee and tea (our office is conveniently located near the airport, great restaurants, with plenty of free parking)
  • Up to $50 catering for your meetings
  • Access to our network of like-minded professional advisors
  • Access to speaking engagements by local entrepreneurs
  • Networking access to our business community

Finally, one of our unique features is our cosmopolitan spirit. Our firm may be local, but our wings span all over the world. Now that technology has enabled access to foreign markets, to all enterprises, regardless of size, you and your professional advisors should be globally connected as well. We are a member of AGN International—a worldwide association of separate and independent accounting and consulting firms. This allows us to tap into the expertise and knowledge of a network of about 8,800 professional accountants in 195 independent firms operating in 89 countries – which in turn allows you to have this network work for you! We are also proud to boast that we have qualified staff who can serve you in six languages: English, French, Hindi, Mandarin, Italian, and Spanish.

Why the Hatchery?

Logan Katz is committed to keeping the entrepreneurial spirit alive and well in the nation’s capital and beyond. To this end, we partner with several local organizations in a number of entrepreneurial initiatives. The Hatchery is our latest venture in the entrepreneurial space!

Most importantly, we are visionaries. We come from small beginnings too. So when we see you, we do not just see a person with an idea, we see what your idea can become given the right encouragement, guidance, and tools! We see your potential – we think big! We see your success and we want to be right there beside you as your trusted business advisor between now and when you achieve it!

Who gets admitted into the Hatchery?

The criteria to qualify is quite simple: you must be a new business entrepreneur. Contact us to set up an informal interview and let’s see if we can do business together!