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Logan Katz
Estate Planning

We are not lawyers or financial planners. However, as part of providing you with value-added services we will help you to get your Wills, Powers of Attorney and affairs in order for your family should something happen to you.

We’ll provide you with the names of legal experts and financial planners and work with these advisors as a team to execute your plan to control your assets, give them to whom you want, when you want, saving taxes and costs, including:
  • Wills that can save 50% – 100% on taxes on inheritance income, every year
  • Having an airtight Power of Attorney and Living Will
  • Reducing costs and delays for Probate and Estate Windup
  • Avoiding family fights and Family Law claims
  • Organizing your important papers and VIP contact lists
An effective estate plan will go a long way towards ensuring a smooth transition of your assets to your beneficiaries, while minimizing taxes and costs.

Transition Planning

The ultimate success of a small business lies in the possibility of transferring the successful business to the next generation. The vast majority of Canadian small and medium-sized businesses fails or ceases to exist when the owner/manager approaches retirement age.

Early and effective transitional planning may make a difference towards ensuring you obtain the most out of your lifetime commitment to—and investment in—your family enterprise. If you have the luxury of having a next generation wanting to take over your business, an effective structure will need to be put in place to ensure a smooth transition while minimizing taxes. Again, we will team up with your legal experts and financial planners, and quarterback the process to completion.